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2022 School Kits

As we approach a new school year, that means it is time for our annual school kit drive!

Each year we collect very specific supplies for relief kits that we then drop off at the Mennonite Central Committee local chapter in Reedley, CA. Last year we collected 113 complete kits, with an additional $160 in cash to donate to the fund directly.

According to the Mennonite Central Committee, 51,549 kits shipped last year to Ecuador, Jordan, Syria, Ukraine, and Zambia!

Would you like to donate?

School Kit Supplies

Please follow the contents and sizes listed, so each child receives the same items. All items must be new.

-Four spiral or perforated-pages notebooks (8.5 in x 10.5 in and 70 sheets)

-Eight unsharpened #2 pencils

-One 12” (flat, good quality; must indicate 30 cm; inch markings optional)

-One large pencil eraser

-One box of 12 colored pencils (no crayons please, they melt)

-Two new black or blue ballpoint pens

and one small all metal pencil sharpener (one or two holes), plastic free. Please do not include sharpeners with the plastic dome, or any plastic parts, as they do not last long enough to be worthwhile. If you cannot find an all metal sharpener, please leave that item out.

All kits must have the same contents so when they are distributed; each child gets the same things. Please limit your generosity of supplies to the items listed above. We do also happily accept cash or check donations!

This year we will be accepting donations Thursdays through Tuesdays, August 4th til September 4th.

The MCC collects different relief kits year round. If you would like more info on what they do, please visit

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