Global Heart


Located on the Sonoma Plaza

Handcrafted gifts from around the world...


We are a fully committed fair trade store located in beautiful Sonoma, Ca. Located right on the historic Plaza, we offer a wide selection of fairly traded goods ranging from kid's clothes to Nativities, coffee to olive oil, home decor to patio adornment, and more jewelry and personal accessories than you can count!

About Global Heart

Global Heart became a realized dream on December 31st, 2013 when I (Sofie Burt) purchased the business. Born and raised in Sonoma, I have worked in Fair Trade since 2005, starting as a sales associate before breezing through every other position possible until 'Owner' became a reality. This career choice (prepandemic!) allowed me to travel around the world to meet artisans and experience fair trade first hand, escape to San Francisco and Disneyland when they beckoned me and walk to work in my beautiful hometown.

(I still do this!)

Since 2020, the store very much became a one woman show for huge chunks of time, until my husband Byron joined me. Now a true family affair and a labor of love, we take care of every aspect of the store together. Stop in to see what new products we have, our gorgeous displays, and peep the local papers for our fun ads. Too far to visit? Follow our Instagram @globalheartsonoma to keep up on all things new and fun!

You may notice that the store is closed for an additional day or two here and there: As this post(ish) pandemic, two person adventure settles in to what may never return to a pre-pandemic schedule, we will still be taking regular, albeit small, breaks. It is keeping us thriving and happy employees!

Shop local...

And still

Travel the World!